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What Happened
for Field Day

We had a blast!


This year we teamed up with the Baltimore Amateur Radio Club for a BARC - HAHA Field Day.   The chosen site was Hannah Moore Park in Reisterstown,   Maryland.   Between the two clubs we set up and operated five complete stations.   All were more or less standard 100 watt transceivers.   2 meters used a 100 watt IC-271H.   Two were HF stations.   One used a Carolina Windom and the other a B & W terminated folded dipole.   The GOTA station used a short vertical antenna.   The satellite station used several yagis for the different bands.   A 2.4 GHz dish was available but the satellite was not.   The VHF station had rigs on 6 meters and 2 meters.   A medium length yagi was used on 2 meters.   The best 6 meter antenna we could lay our hands on was a Ringo.   We just did not tell anyone we were cross-polarized.   The picture to the left is Patricia,   N3DUH,   making a 6 meter contact.   It actually worked rather well.


Each station had it own generator.   We did run the satellite station and the GOTA station from the same generator.   They were both in the same tent and that worked well.   There was another generator that powered the food tent.   They all worked well except one that had bad ignition noise.   It was replaced and then became the back up generator.


The antennas were supported by four towers.   A 50 foot,   trailer mounted,   tilt-over,   crank-up tower was used by the VHF station.   The satellite antennas were mounted on a short mast.   The others were 50 foot "rocket launcher" towers.   There was a short push-up tower that held the talk-in antennas.   Here is a picture of the site. The blue tent on the left was the VHF station.   Near top center is the satellite / GOTA station.   Nearly hidden behind it is one of the HF stations.   The other HF station is at top right.   The dome shaped tent on the right was the food tent.   Each station had a computer for logging.   Except for the GOTA station,   they were all networked to a server in a small trailer located just to the right of the food tent.


Here are some more picture of our members.


Bruce,   N3LSY,   assembled the satellite station.


Check out the satellite antennas bumper mounted to Bruce's truck.


Ladies night out?   Left to right: a non ham visitor who seemed enjoyed field day.   Jaska,   Charlotte and Patricia take over the VHF station.   These ladies put a huge number of QSO's in the log!


Having been ousted from the VHF station,   Al,   KB3ETX,   cooks lunch.   The temperature and the humidity were both in the high 90's this day.   We applaud Al's devotion to duty over the gas grill.   Al also logged a lot of QSO's on both VHF and HF.


The food tent.


Bill,   N3WD,   adds up the bonus points while relaxing in the food tent.


The VHF station.   Putting this and the satellite station together was our club's main contribution to the combined BARC - HAHA field day.


Charlotte and Jaska adding 2 meter contacts to the log.


Jaska was quick to get the hang of 2 meter contesting.


Charlie,   W3CQB,   makes a few 6 meter contacts.



As this is written,   BARC has the logs.   So our score cannot be included here.   Details will appear on the ARRL web site soon.   Check The Contest Calendar to see how we did.

BARC will have probably a field day page on their web site.


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