KF3M Hanover Area Hamming Association
Hanover,   Pennsylvania

Field Day 2002

This year we operated from the carnival grounds of the Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company.   We operated one HF rig using the G5RV antenna.   The satellite operation was quite successful.

Field Day 2002 (L-R)   Brian,  N3VN,   Al,  W3TRW,   unknown,   John,  KA3GCM,   Terry,  N3XBO,   Bill,  N3WD and Trish (back to camera),  N3DUH.
Field Day 2002 The trailer tower.
The Field Day 2002 (L-R)   unknown and Bruce,  N3LSY setting up the satellite station.
The Field Day 2002 Trish,  N3DUH.
The Field Day 2002 (L-R in foreground)   Brian,  N3VN,   Bill,  N3WD.
The Field Day 2002 Brian,  N3VN.
The Field Day 2002 (L-R)   Terry,  N3XBO,   Bill,  N3WD,   Shawn,  KB3FUW and John,  KA3GCM.
The Field Day 2002 Al,  W3TRW.
The Field Day 2002 (L-R)   Brian,  N3VN,   unknown and Randy,  KG3N.
The Field Day 2002 The satellite station is ready to operate.
The Field Day 2002 (L-R)   Charlotte,   Bruce,  N3LSY,   Charlie,  W3CQB,   John,  KA3GCM,   Bobbie,  N3XTP and Al,  W3TRW.
The Field Day 2002 There was a nice article in the Hanover Evening Sun.

Thanks to Brian,   N3VN,   and Bobbie,   N3XTP,   for the pictures.

Results:   Nineteen of our members made 441 QSOs for a score of 2028.   There was a nice article about us in the (Hanover) Evening Sun.   It was a fun weekend.



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