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Hanover,   Pennsylvania

Field Day 1999

This was our first Field Day!   We operated from Mike's Mountain near Frederick,  Maryland.   We operated one transmitter using a G5RV antenna for all HF bands.   We gave 2 m and 70 cm a try using SSB,   FM and Packet.   The results were disappointing.

The Field Day 2003 (L-R) Ralph,  N3XWN,   and Randy,  KG3N.
The Field Day 2003 (L-R) Ralph's father,   Ralph,  N3XWN and Charlie,  W3CQB.
The Field Day 2003 (L-R) Randy,  KG3N,   Brian,  N3VN and Terry,  N3XBO.
The Field Day 2003 Looking East from Mike's Mountain.
The Field Day 2003 (L-R)   unknown,   Scott,  N3XSC,   Brian,  N3VN,   Charlie,  W3CQB and Bill,  N3WD.
The Field Day 2003 (L-R)   Scott,  N3XSC,   Bill,  N3WD,   unknown,   Brian,  N3VN and Charlie,  W3CQB.
The Field Day 2003 We had a very nice tower.
The Field Day 2003 (L-R)   Charlie,  W3CQB,   Brian,  N3VN,   Scott,  N3XSC and unknown.

Thanks to Brian,   N3VN,   and Bobbie,   N3XTP,   for the pictures.

Results:   There were 13 members participating.   We made 542 QSOs for a score of 1,560.   We were pleased with this for our first time Field Day.   We had a blast!



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