KF3M Hanover Area Hamming Association
Hanover,   Pennsylvania

Bingo 2013

The Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company is a gracious host for our club activities. In return, we help them during their annual carnival. We provide a lot of help with the bingo game. Here are some pictures from this year.

N3MKE Joe, N3MKE, Master Bingo Caller.
Bingo Palor The bingo hall. That is Al, W3TRW, in the patriotic shirt. He is ready to collect more quarters.
W3CQB N3MKE and KB3ISR Charlie, W3CQB, keeps the records. Joe, N3MKE, calls the numbers and Jim, KB3ISR, rolls quarters.
K3DUH Sharon, K3DUH, counts the money.
Bernie Bernie rolls some quarters. We had lots of quarters.
KB3LLS Michele, KB3LLS, unloads a pound of quarters she had collected.
N3WD Bill, N3WD, counts the money.
Grandmother and Grandaughter Grandmother and granddaughter. This little girl was born a year ago during bingo week. She has become our Poster Girl.
Jaska, Al and Crystal Jaska, Al and Crystal take a quick break
N3MKE Joe, N3MKE, just keeps calling those numbers.