KF3M Hanover Area Hamming Association
Hanover,   Pennsylvania

Bingo 2007

July 23 through July 28,   2007.

Each year the Pleasant Hill Fire Company holds a carnival to raise money to keep the Company operating.   They are our host for all meetings,   the mini tailgate fest and any other activities we have on the grounds.   They also provide a nice location for the club's APRS digi.   This is our chance to return the favor.   We provide the manpower to run the bingo.   The Fire Company really appreciates our contribution to the carnival.

Al,   W3TRW,   relaxes with a snack.

Andy,   AF3I,   caught by surprise.

Joe,   K3CAR,   in a happy moment.

Bill,   N3WD,   counts the money.

Sharon,   K3DUH,   keeps the "count."
Note the chocolates in the foreground.   Mandatory refreshments for bingo.

Joe,   N3MKE,   Master Bingo Caller   -   nuff said.


Bingo requires a LOT of effort on our part.   Thanks to everyone who helped out.


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