10 Meter Contest results:

Operators/Loggers : N3WD, N3RFF, N3XSC, N3XBO, N3VNX, W3CBQ, N3LSY, KG3N, N3XTP, KB3NL, N3QQC

We made 370 contacts 336 phone and 34 CW for 808 QSO points. We had 96 multipliers. Total score was 77,568.

Our multipliers were:

We worked the following states: CT, MA, NH, VT, NJ, NY, DC, MD, PA, AL, FL, GA, NC, TN, VA, AR, LA, MS, NM, OK, TX, CA, HI, AZ, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY, WV, IL, IN, CO, IA, KS, NE, ND, ND, AND SD.

We worked the following Canadian Provs: Ont, Sask, Albert, British Col, and New Found.

We worked the following Countries: Jamaica, Barbados, Croatia, Bahamas, Chile, Cuba, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Moldova, Estonia, France, Reunion, England, N. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Hungary, Dominican Rep, Columbia Italy, Grenada, Virgin Is, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Peru, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Aruba, Netherlands, Brazil, Slovenia, Poland, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Corsica, Ukraine, Australia, Br Virgin Is, Turks & Caicos Is, Mexico, Romania, Yugoslavia, Venezuela, Cayman Is, and New Zealand.


Here's some of the photos taken during the contest.


Back row from left to right: Leonard KB3NL, Charles W3CQB, Bobbie N3XTP, Brian N3VNX, Ralph N3XWN, Bill N3WD, Terry N3XBO,

Front row from left to right: Scott N3XSC, Kevin, Ray N3RFF, Joshua, and Ashley.


A map of the Countries we contacted.


The chalkboard were we kept track of the States.The ones in blue are the contacted states.


And finally the antenna.

A special thanks to Charles W3CQB for putting the hole thing together, Thanks.



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