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10 Meter Contest - 2004

December 11 and 12,   2004.

We had operated this contest several times around the peak of the solar cycle.   The last few years we did not make a club effort in the contest.   This year we decided to give it one more try before we reach the lowest point in the solar cycle.   WAØOJS,   Ron,   very graciously offered us the use of his nicely equipped shack.

Our regular club meeting was the Thursday before the contest.   After the meeting we adjourned to Ron's place.   We got the computer set up and the logging program installed.   We hooked up the computer to the rig, but the two just would not talk to each other.   We eventually found the correct "Rig ID" number and then it worked.   The computer CW keying line was connected and worked.   Then the Internet was connected to the computer and DC Spots started scrolling across the screen.   Now just wait for the contest to start.

Friday night we did surprisingly well.   Many contacts were within 100 miles plus a strip right down the center of the U.S.   Picked up VK2 for a nice multiplier.

Saturday morning we had good operators and picked up several European and African's.   Then the band settled down to the Caribbean, Central America and South America.   Unfortunately,   we had no operators in the afternoon which cost us many Pacific and Australia contacts.

Sunday also suffered from a severe lack of operators.   We only worked the last couple of hours.   Contacts were largely the 100 mile group.


WAØOJS,   Ron,   searches for the "Rig ID" number so that the logging program will talk to the transceiver.

KG3N,   Randy logs while N3LSY,   Bruce,   operates.

Captain,   I just worked KF3M in the 10 Meter Contest.

Late in the contest N3LSY,   Bruce,   searches for a non-dupe.



KB3ETX,   Al
KB3FUW,   Shawn
KG3N,   Randy
N3LSY,   Bruce
N3MKE,   Joe
N3XWN,   Ralph
W3CQB,   Charlie



OK,   so it will not be us.   We made 137 contacts,   23 CW and 114 Phone,   in less than 13 hours operating time.   With 51 multipliers,   that makes a claimed score of 16,320.   This would have put us 182nd in our class in last year's contest.

We got several contest features working that we had never tried before.   The DX spotting network,   the computer rig control and the computer CW keying all worked well.   About 1/4th of the club participated in the contest.   We came in under budget.   And,   most importantly,   we had a lot of fun!


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