(founded 1953)
"Friends of Bill W. Net"


We are a group of amateur radio operators getting together to share experience, strength and hope in appreciation of the AA program. (See book LIVING SOBER, page 81 or 82, depending on edition, for reference to telephone and ham radio as meeting substitutes.)

We have two meetings, one on HF Radio, the other on QSOnet.

You may read here the History of the HAAM Group as taken from various issues of GRAPEVINE.

A HAAM Newsletter has been published from time to time. The last issue was:
*** HAAM NEWSLETTER #7 - August 2011 *** An archive of newsletters is available:
Archive of Newsletters.

Gary, W0SDI, one of the Group's NC's, wrote a nice article HAAM Radio Continues to Carry Fellowship about the HAAM Radio Group recently (Click the link for the PDF file) .

Box 459 from AA Central posted an article in 1992 entitled: "HAAM Radio Carries Fellowship and Warmth 'Over the AAirwaves' ". Retrieve the article in PDF by clicking this link or the picture at the top of this page.

Ben L's (W7FNE, SK) story "Lonely Business" appeared in the May issue of 1970 of Grapevine. It harks back to the original days of this net which became a source of substitute meetings for ship's radio operators, shut-ins, and others inaccessible to regular meetings. Since then, the tradition has carried on.

Please send mail for the Group to our HAAM Mailbox: [email protected]

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