Sárrét Award

The Sort History of the HG8SDS

In the beginning of 1993 we talked about that we - the radioamateurs of the Sárrét - should settle down on the hill of Magor, for a week, and use the radio there. Then the idea had been followed by actions. We asked the directors of the 20th August- the Saint István ceremony, in order of the place. At last we won the directors opinion. Then we started the organization and we settled down on the 10 meters high hill. The directors liked this event so since then we can settle there without any problems each year for a week. This Expedition starts on 16th August and finish on 22nd August each year. We use the the HG8SDS special event call for this occurt. This is an abbreviation for HG 8 Sárrét DayS. In this year we will keep it for the 10th time. (For more informations visit the "News" menu.)