What is DIXMF ?

DIXMF is a flexible message filter for LINUX FBB, developed to meet requirements of FBB BBS sysops, reducing time spent to supervise mails going through their system.

DIXMF can kill, archive or hold specific messages, or copy them to export files for archiving purposes or to be processed by other programs or FBB servers.

DIXMF can check message type (B or P), sender, adresse, @BBS, BID/MID and length as well to identify wether the content of the message is 7+ coded or not.

Additionally DIXMF can perform check of the subject line and message body against a list of keywords to block illegal messages.

For more information download mfreadme.txt below.



Latest DIXMF (LINUX) distribution package.


Read this to know more before duwnloading the full packege.