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Fundamental data


My name is Kiss Tibor /Tibi/ ,I was born in 1950. I am married I have two big children, both of them married. My wife likewise amateur she are: HG5-516. The radio listening is interested in my childhood already, I started dealing with him in the high school more sincerely however. I recognised it there the Gymnasium in Sarkad  the URH work, which did not carry itself confessed sincerely. Much better concerned the DX work. I passed the exams in 1980 and I obtained it licece than HA3GK. The Radio Club  HA3KGC racing and to really get to know the DX work.

In 1985 he moved to Budapest and in 1990 received new call sign.






HA3GK 1980-1990






HG32FC 1993

32 Congress leader was FIRAC station











HG5HRJ 1996



The MAV operated a 150-year anniversary of an occasional host.






HG5UFO 1997


The UFO show and casual research station











HG46FC 2007


The 46th Congress FIRAC station operated













 It is from 1990 The call sign. 1985 to Budapest in a 4-storey Family house occupied fourth flor where I tried to take advantage of the possibilities. In 1999, i retired stationmaster MAV and further than nothing not subject to the City - It was time to think a little seriously, listening to the radio. Thousand  moved Pusztaszabolcs frequency where the circumstances.

 Antenna bigger systems I use contractions grow option the DX-work in.


The radio: KENWOOD TS 450SAT, ICOM IC 746, IC 706, KENWOOD TR 751E.


Currently SteppIR 4 element from 40 meters to 6 meters antenna and TITANEX V160S for 80 and 160 meters. 80 and 160 meters There are also inverted L antenna .



The amateur radio work mainly arisen connected to the digital mode are interested, the first line of the RTTY SSTV mode . Recently, more and more popular in the PSK mode are. The SSB and the Morse telegraph connections also interested in.

I am a DX and contesting man. I am a member of the Hungarian FIRAC / railroad radio amateurs group, English QRP / low power radio transmitter / 8901 and the Italian group, number 64, and the telegraph Fists group 4850 - the number. I was a member of the 1995 world champion and the 1996 World Cup Second placed team.


9 band DXCC cerificate, # 1 HONOR ROLL AND CHELLENGE diloma, and has the SSB, CW, RTTY DXCC certificate also.


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