WAE CW 2000


This homepage is set up about my SO2R attempt in WAE CW 2000. Here you can find my QSO log and a longish write-up of the contest. If you have any comments, suggestion or criticism, please let me know.


Thanks to: Tibi HA1DAE and Gyula HA1TJ for the station, Alex PA1AW for the homepage and my girlfriend Andi for letting me using up our holiday time for my hobby

73 Zoli HA1AG








      Call: HA1AG              Country:  Hungary

      Mode: CW                 Category: Single Op


     BAND     QSO   QTC    Cty   Mult

       80      42    55     14     56

       40     164   243     31     93

       20     272   431     44     88

       15     211   452     37     74

       10      50    51     29     58


    Totals    739  1220    155    369 = 722,871



All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.


Rest periods:     Aug.12: 05:14-08:32 =  3:19

                  Aug.12: 10:18-14:48 =  4:31

                  Aug.13: 04:45-08:56 =  4:12


                  TOTAL REST TIME     = 12:02         


Comments to the Committee:

My QTC log shows 1225 QTCs. Only 1220 is valid. I lost 5    due to following reasons: I lost one from HP1AC because my   own QSO was QTCed back to me, three from VQ9IO because I accidentally took them before the 10 minutes expired on the other band, and 1 from K2KQ (the last one in the contest) was incomplete in the original file (CT-problem)


Soapbox comments:

My first full-blown SO2R attempt. Although it was the worst condx I ever had in a contest I enjoyed every minute of it. With K being 6 and 7 entire weekend I had to fight for each QSO. This condx was topped with thunderstorm QRN both days.


My thanks goes to HA1DAE and HA1TJ who let me use their super station.


Equipment Description: FT1000MP, FT990 + 3xP.A. (1200W each)


Antennas: 80m:       2 el. vertical array,

2x120m beverages(Caribbean, SE Asia)

          40m:       3 ele full-size Yagi

          20-15-10m: 6 ele monoband Yagi's


Club Affiliation: HADXC


This is to certify that in this contest I have operated

my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have

observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.


                             Signature Zoli Pitman (signed)




Zoli Pitman  HA1AG

Somogyi Bela ut 18

Gyor 9024, Hungary