E4 - Palestine Dxpedition by HA-Team


HA1TJ - Gyula is a well-known figure of the Hungarian radioamateurs. He first met amateur radio when he was 14 and passed the basic exam soon and became operator of the HA1KSA clubstation in Gyor. Four years later, in 1969 he got his own license and a long and eventful amateur career started.

His main interests were and still are contesting, constructing and DXing.

Gyula soon obtained DXCC-CW and with his active participation HA1KSA became a dominant European contest station in the early 70s. The downtown rooftop soon were found to be too small and in the early mid 80s a new contest station was built with his conduct: the HG1S. In 1987 he led a project in Ulan-Baator in Mongolia. Within this project a complete radio station, telegraphy training center donated by the Hungarian Radioamateur Society was built. During this project he was active as JT0TJ, which was one of the first major operations from Mongolia. One year later he returned to Mongolia with HA0MM and HA6NF and as JT0DX they logged almost 40 000 QSOs. In 1989 he was in Albania on the "D-day" and as an operator of ZA1HA he helped to make that operation a major success.

It would be difficult the count the his achievements: his callsign is shown on many trophies held by HG1S: ARRL DX CW M/S EU 1st, several IARU HF Championship M/S overall wins and with his management the team has a stable position among the very best teams in the class of the most fearsome competition: M/S in Europe.

Heís famous for his constructing skills proved by the numerous amplifier and antenna projects at the contest station. Designing and building from scratch a 3 element full-size wide-spaced 40m Yagi and putting it up to the top of the 45m high tower at the HG1S hilltop QTH was a major project of him. The antenna survived icy rainstorms with more than 4 cm thick ice on the elements and the autumn gusts, which often exceed 140 km/h. The antenna is a real landmark of its vicinity.

His cheerful personality and tremendous on-the-field experience makes him a key figure of any activity regardless if itís a telegraphy competition, an HF or VHF contest or just an other antenna-party at a local ham.

Gyula is a managing director of a trading company and the president of the countyís radio amateur society.

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