Here is just a little history about my involvement in amateur radio, and my life in general.

I first got in to the hobby at the age of ten - when, after much persuasion, I got my mother to take me along to The Highfields Amateur Radio Club.

It was there; where after a few months of Blood, sweat, and literally tears at some points that I obtained my first novice License callsign of 2W1BDD. Little was I awhere at the time, this licence only really gave me access to the local UHF repeater....and since activity on these kind of frequencies was then very low in our area, I just knew I had to broaden my horizons!

Sure enough about a year on from that, I passed the five WPM morse examination and picked up 2W0AFU. At an estimate, I worked about 50-100 countries with that callsign; (most being on Six Metres)!

Still not content with that, I decided to take it a stage further and studied for my full ticket.

Today under my present callsign I am active on most bands between 10 and favourite being the WARC bands using CW.

I run an Icom IC706 with 100 Watts into a centre-fed Long Wire. okay - it might not be the best station in the world, but it does me!

I am currently age 23, and have not long completed a course at The Royal National College studying for the ECDL European Computer Driving License.

The following table shows the required modules you have to pass in order to gain the qualification:

Module Name Explanation
General Concepts of Information Technology General Computing Knowledge
File Management Using Windows Explorer
Word Processing Typically Microsoft Word
Spreadsheets Typically Microsoft Excell
Databases Typically Microsoft Access
Presentations Learning the *Basics* of Microsoft Powerpoint
Internet and Communication Using a Web Browser and e-mail Client

Not long ago i completed a six-week placement with the Cardiff YMCA. While i must admit working in a Hostel for people with Accommadation problems wasn't what i trained for, but i was just pleased of the experience. In fact asUNFORTUNATELY not a lot is going on lately with regards to employment, I will probably continue doing voluntary work for them. It will avoid de-skilling i suppose!

I have been totally blind in both eyes since birth, and although I'd be lying if I said I'd pass up the opportunity of gaining at least some sight, I'm more than prepared to carry on as I have for the time being.