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Thank you for visiting my website.
My Name is Albert and I have been licensed since 1986.
I live in Pentre Halkyn in North East Wales.
I was born on the 4th of July 1941
Therefore I have a great affinity with the U.S.A.
Apart from radio my other hobbies are fishing, photography
And computers.
I like Country Music and I also write poetry.
Some of my poem's are on these pages.
This first one,  I wrote when I was struggling to learn morse code.

Ode to Morse Code

Each night I listen to practice morse to get me through the test of course.
I want to get my licence "A" to work those stations far away
Those in Russia and  Middle East instead of  Irlam, Salford Weaste.
To distant lands and far beyond what lots of people call the Pond
VK4's and ZL's too this is what I want to do.

I go to tech' on Tuesday night , so I can learn the morse code right
The class's tutors name is Gerry, the chap that always acts so merry.
He sends his morse with greatest ease and gets us all upon our knees.
Trying hard with all our might to get down all our Dah Dits right..

Thirty minutes every day is minimum practice so they say.
Eventually you get a date, best be early DON'T be late.
A little nervous a little tense, just do your best it's common sense.
If you fail do not despair, another date is always there.
If you pass then Hip Hooray! Eighty meters your on your way.

When at last you pass the test , please don't put your morse to rest.
Keep it up and use your key, you never know you might work me.


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