William D. Faulkner KS4AA / Grit #1

   Here's an ode to the lowly grit.
   The more you eat  the better they git.
   Ye can get 'em yellow, ye can get 'em white,
   makes no difference if you cook 'em right!

   Eat 'em at breakfast, lunch or dinner.
   Anytime ye eat 'em, they're a  winner.
   Eat 'em  with eggs and a little meat,
   Without grits no meals complete!

   Some folks like 'em kinda bland.
   Others say butter makes 'em grand.
   As for me, just bring 'em on.
   ain't no way to fix 'em wrong!

   There's a special place in my heart
   for the farmers who do their part.
   To them I owe  many thank  ye's.
   'cause without grits,  we'd all be Yankees!

   Now don't ya'll Yankees  start a fuss.
   We're glad ya'll moved   here with us.
   Pick up a spoon and put 'em in your mouth,
   you'll thank God you moved down South!

   The best advice I've ever given,
   if you ain't eatin' grits, then you ain't livin!
   then you'll  enter  at Heaven's gate,
   and you'll  find grits are on your plate!

   Let me make just one more rhyme.
   It'll soon be breakfast time.
   No matter where you go to eat,
   be sure you get that Heavenly treat.    GRITS !!!!!

   (c) 1997, William D. Faulkner KS4AA / Grit #1