A bit more about the group's history

The history of the repeaters go back to the early 1980s.

Originally there were two groups ,one created to run a repeater in the Berwick area and one to run
a repeater in the central part of the Borders.

There was also a 70cms repeater (GB3HK) in the Hawick area.

Over the years these have come under the one banner of the Scottish Borders Repeater Group.

The original GB3SB site is now the site of GB3DU and GB3BE.

GB3BT moved several years ago from a site at Camphill above Berwick to it's current site just south of Ayton.

GB3SB moved from Duns to the TV mast at Selkirk to give better coverage in the Central Borders and to avoid as much duplication with the coverage of GB3BT.
GB3HK also became co-sited with GB3SB on the TV mast.

Unfortunately the site rental became prohibitive in the mid-1990s and GB3SB/GB3HK moved to a building
a few hundred yards from the TV mast but obviously with much lower aerials than before.

Currently our yearly outlay is in the order of 600 so
whilst we welcome all visitors to the area to use the repeaters,
we hope that regular users living in the local area can help to support the group.
Thank You !

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