GM6MEN’s cartoon pages

Antiques from “R F Byrne’s Unpublished Masterpieces  © 1990 GM6MEN

[from the original introduction]:

Because we radio hams have been given an important and precious piece of a natural resource, the radio spectrum, to play with, we tend to take ourselves very seriously. In extreme cases, this can manifest itself in ridiculous pomposity. The balloon of pomposity needs bursting; R F Byrne is the necessary pin. I feel a little like Frankenstein, because there’s more than a little self-mockery in the character; this is a process taught to us lesser cartoonists by the great Robert Crumb. Unlike Frankenstein, though, I feel that my “monster” has a soul. His is the soul of the eternal smart-aleck. Anyhow, he no longer belongs to me, he has a life of his own, and he is out there among you! Can you spot him?



The purpose of the [now long-out-of-print] book was to give innocent [?] merriment.