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After a few years of using SSB Electronic SP Ė 2000 SUPER AMP and having changed the device a couple of times I decided a change was needed. Having done a bit of research and listening to other peopleís opinions and thoughts I settled for HA8ETís Extra-2 Rev6 contest Preamp. As it was to be used in the shack and not at the masthead it need a suitable enclosure to house the Preamp, relays and the other bits and pieces.

I picked up an ex equipment enclosure at a local rally for a few pounds and with a bit of modification proved ideal for the job. I used a couple of used Magnetic Devices Coaxial relays to bypass the preamp on transmit and a small relay to feed 12v to the Preamp and relays as per HA8ETís design. As I use separate TX/RX lines the Preamp should never see RF so the small coaxial relays are Ideal, cheap and readily available at rallies etc.

The photos show how I have done the job but thatís a personal choice given I had most bits in my junk box.

  All I need now is to work some stations on EME and assess the preamp.


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