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   GM6MD/P is used as the club call of The Clyde Coast Contest Club. This small group of enthusiastic amateur radio operators is based in South West Scotland, and can frequently be   heard participating in VHF and UHF contests. The Club's favoured operating QTH in recent years has been Windy Standard hill, in Locator Square IO75VG. The hill, which is 697m (2300 feet) above sea level is in Dumfries and Galloway just a few kilometres south of the border with East Ayrshire.

It lies in Worked All Britain Square NS60.



The Club use a box van trailer for their shack, and power is provided by a large generator.

The transceiver is usually a Yaesu FT-847 which drives a Henry Radio PA, or on 4m, a FT-2000 with a transverter.

The club members Alex GM4NFC, Dave GM4SQM and Iain MM0TFU also have luxuries such as a fan heater for those cold, damp and misty days, a microwave oven for quick meals, and a bug-zapper for the (very rare) calm days when the midgies descend out of nowhere in their thousands.

Alex and David




Alex and Iain




         Windy Standard

  Windy Standard is a fantastic site for VHF/UHF contesting, having clear and unobstructed paths in almost all directions, and being 697m asl the views on a clear day are spectacular.

   There has been a 36 turbine wind farm in operation on Windy Standard since 1996, and access to the site has always been strictly controlled, however the wind farm operators, and the forest and land management companies have previously allowed the Clyde Coast Contest Club access to the site, and kindly granted us permission to operate from there.


View to the North


Snow showers approaching GM6MD/P May 2012.




70MHz Contest station July 2013.





                                                                                                                Below are some of the Club's achievements in recent times

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