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  Hello my name is David Anderson, I obtained my licence in1982 with the call sign GM6JNJ and on passing the Morse Test  gained the call sign GM4SQM. I'm active on HF and VHF using SSB, CW and Data modes. My main interest at the moment is EME ( JT65B ) and Meteor Scatter using FSK441 on 2M with the GM6JNJ call.

  Another of my interests is 2 metre contesting for fun, mostly working UKAC contests from home, and motorcycling Triumph Tiger 800 and Honda VFR750 FJ.

  I have a few "home brew" projects in work at the moment some of which are touched upon on this site.

  I am a member of the RSGB and also part of the Clyde Coast Contest Club GM6MD/P whose members are GM4SQM, GM4NFC and MM0TFU. We compete in VHF/UHF contests from the hilltop location of Windy Standard hill  Dumfries and Galloway at a height of 697m (2,300 feet) asl.


Home page

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