Northern Lighthouse Weekend

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Every two years  is the Northern Lighthouse Weekend, an event which has developed into the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend, for which an award is available.  1999 the 5th year for the award and conditions are detailed below.


The Northern Lighthouse Weekend Award is an award available to Radio Amateurs and SWL operators who can confirm contacts or SWL reports with Scottish lighthouse stations during the Northern Lighthouse Weekend 21/22nd August 1999 under the following conditions:

1. QSOs / SWL reports are valid in all authorised bands.  No cross bands
are accepted.

2. QSL cards are not necessary, only a copy of your log (photocopy or
certified by another licensed amateur, radio club or SWL).

3. The award can be worked in Phone, CW or Mixed modes.

4.  Only contacts or reports during the 1999 weekend are valid.

5.  There are two types of award, Basic and Merit.

6. To claim the Basic award U.K. stations are required to work/hear 6 of the Scottish lighthouse stations.  Non-U.K. stations require 4.

7. To claim the Merit award U.K. stations are required to work / hear 8 of the Scottish lighthouse stations.  Non-U.K. stations require 6.

8. Each award fee is = 3 / 5US$ / 10 IRCs

9. If requested, the award will be endorsed for band and/or mode.

10. The award is available from
        P.O.Box 36,
        PRESTWICK  KA9 1AL

73s from Scotland

de Mike GM4SUC
e-mail:  [email protected]
packet: GM4SUC@GB7AYR.#78.GBR.EU