Using Writelog (version 12) for the UK/EI DX Contests  - January 2016 - Info from Steve GW4BLE  


At the moment Writelog doesn't support these contests, but for now a work-around is to use the existing 'UK DX Contest' module  (this is the format for a now defunct contest, that has nothing to do with UKEICC)

So, from within Writelog go:

UK DX Contest
Mode CW
Enter Your Callsign
Entry Class - Note: ONLY SELECT one of the All Band Categories
Tick the Non-UK Station Box
UK Area - Enter 'DX'

In the QSO Entry - In the 'RCVD' box just put whatever you receive as a continuous string with NO SPACES (that bit is VERY important).   For example, you work GM2V and he sends '001IV' so you just log 001IV.    The last two letters are the UK or EI district code. You work K5ZD, and he sends '456', so just log '456' as you would do normally.   (In these UKEICC UK/EI DX contests, sending of RST is optional)

The scoring for the contest won't be correct, but don't worry about that, just get on and make some contacts.  The adjudicators will do their very best to score your Cabrillo file once it's received.

After the contest, select the Cabrillo option in the Writelog menu, and complete what you are able - the online submission robot will ask you to correctly enter your category, etc.

* * Remember to submit your logfile within 2 hours of the end of the contest - to here :    * *