Updated - 10th January 2019


UDC file - to allow logging with N1MM+ in the UKEICC 80m contests                          (Thanks to Les G4OGB)


Important - when configuring N1MM+ for use in these contests, ensure that you enter *your* 4-character  locator correctly in the setup window.


» Step 1 - close N1MM+ if it was running.


» Step 2 - find the N1MM+ 'UserDefinedContests' directory on your PC  e.g.  C:\Users\username\My Documents\N1MM Logger+\UserDefinedContests      If you have an existing file there called UKEI80_VHF.udc, delete it.


» Step 3 - Right-click on the link below, then select 'Save link as' - or similar

Right-click here to download the UDC file.   The filename is  UKEI80_VHF.udc  

Ensure that you download or copy this UDC file to the directory you found in step 2 i.e. N1MM Logger+\UserDefinedContests  


» Step 4 - Restart your PC, then restart N1MM+    The contest name UKEI80_VHF should now appear in the pull-down list of contests.


* * Ignore the score shown by N1MM+ during the contest - N1MM+ scores at 1pt/km. The UKEICC adjudication software rescores your log correctly * *



Please report any problems you encounter with this file or procedure by e-mailing gm3woj   ..at....talk21.com