UK/EI DX CW Contest - 23/24th January 2016 - Soapbox Comments   (Unedited)

Great contest! Too bad the 28 mhz band was closed.... -- 9A1AA

Fun operation giving points out. Not as well supported by UK stns but the EU's enjoyed it. Band cndx very poor. -- C4Z

It was a very interesting contest first time on it and have a lot of -- CT1DRB

I was using a FT-817 with 5 watts and a wire antenna under the roof (indoor). -- DF3SM

nice contest, many good ops -- DG7EE

Fun contest hope it will succeed and grow in the next years! -- DJ1YFK

First time to be in this Contest -- DJ6TK

Some trouble with N1MM+ in S&P mode, ignoring new serial number for EI/UK stations, if previous qsos exist already. Have not observed from begin, so some wrong serials will appear. -- DL1CW

The district system of UK and EI is wonderfull – thanks for this contest -- DL3KWF

A very nice contest thank you very much to the organizers and to the participants for the QSOs. -- DL3KWR

Think I´ll be back next time ... -- DL5JQ

ICOM-7400, 80 Watts RF into Dipole 2x27m up 10m. N1MM+ had a problem with presetting exchanges in the enter window at the second QSO with a station, the number automatically resetting to the first, maybe some errors in my log before i found it. Bud had fun with the new party 73 "JO" -- DL5KUD


ICOM 706 MKIIG dipolo DX-B Alpha Delta HY GAIN AVQ 14 [email protected] -- EA2DDE

Many entrants not keeping clear of frequencies being used by DX peditions. 14023 & 21023 in particular. Unable to devote more time to Contest but looking forward to next time. Used Sd software. -- EA5ARC


SD WinKey K3 P3 -- EI5DI

Conditions were better than expected and enjoyed the contest. My K3 was out of action due to a fault which was greatly missed. During the contest got water in# my main beam resorted to INV-L on a few bands Maybe needs a bit more advertizing state side! -- EI5KF

Very enjoyable contest and well supported. -- EI7M

Used FT990 80 watts+2x40 meters Zepp. -- EU6DX

73 -- EU8F

73 ! TNX -- EW8OM

First time participation. Difficult to be sure to match the frequency precision requirement with older equipment. -- F4GFT

Nice new contest .. lots of EU activity. Some DQRM Sunday morning on 40m. Felt ill for much of it so apologies for asking so many repeats! Brain fuddled with paracetamol! -- G0DVJ

Enjoyed the contest we plodded on at our own speed without any computer aids ie a skimmer/pc keying. Some very curteous op's who gladly slowed down for us, some who didn't which made things tough. Condx I think were similar to the SSB leg, nothing to shout about, some nice DX was logged though. We had fun anyway. Thanks to all the operators who had patience with us, and all the QSO's. SD was used for logging faultless as normal. Good work by the UKEICC team again, keep it up. 73 de FARS -- G0GHK

Used SD which performed impeccably as usual Condx didn't seem to be very good :- -- G0HDB

Great start to I'm sure a great contest format, nice touch working G's! N1MM+ as documented early on today by many, has a serious bug in that ALL G serials were reset to last worked serial numbers etc. NOT all calls effected though. -- G0ORH

Only used a G5RV at 25 feet in the centre down to 10 feet in an Inverted V config. Hard going on the receive side i London !! Only operated 12 hours. -- G0PZA

Plenty of activity and good to hear so many familiar OMs in the pile-ups. I Could have made many more 00s of Qs were I not using remote. I'm afraid that my internet connection cause excessive latency. Also N1mm+ using KY commands produced sporadic functional behaviour; sending callsign and report would sometimes fail entirely. I managed the hundred and thanks to everyone that called. -- G2F

Big problem with N1MM+ busting received serial numbers. Guess I'll have lots of bust serials! -- G3P

A good contest -- G3RSD

Congrats on organising a new UK/EI "works the world" contest. Operating this contest is probably a bit like being IN Scandinavia for the SAC or IN Switzerland for the H22 or IN France for the REF, where operators outside the region are trying to collect the areas. There seemed to be plenty of interest with some very high QSO numbers from outside UK/EI. Hope see you again next year. 73 - Nigel G3TXF -- G3TXF

Only had two dipoles covering 3 bands. Used SunSDR2PRO with Elecraft amp. Some probs with N1MM+ serial numbers -- G3XLG

Conditions awful hence a half hearted entry. Reasonable support but could have been better. I had an issue with DXLog sending wrong serials at one time similar to those using N1MM had. Sent serials for QSOs 69-71 may be in error. Due to conditions some stations may have miscopied some of my exchanges and in some cases not waited for the district code the problems in working QRP. Hope this contest succeeds in coming years. 73 Dave G3YMC -- G3YMC

Just a few QSOs. -- G3ZGC

DXlog pretty crap and clunky but seemingly not as bad as N1mm+ -- G4BWP

40m single band entry. -- G4DBW

ot possible to operate on Sunday or send in log due to computer problems but enjoyed the contest particularly when working a VK. -- G4DDX

Great fun - my first 5-band contest - learnt a load of stuff - thanks to those who organised it . TX 100w Antennas - 3ele 10/15/20 tribander @ 17m, 80m & 40m dipoles @ 15m. -- G4FJK

No time to enter seriously but fun to come on Sunday morning in between family stuff. Format seems to work well -- G4PIQ

I suspect my log will suffer due to the Bug in N1MM+ as others have suffered. Had a lot of fun never the less.It was great to hear so much activity even though band conditions were poor with little DX being worked. A couple of very poor quality signals spoiled a few qso's (F6JOE and US2YW) and hope they get penalised in adjudication.No excuse for such lousy signals. sure it will become a regular in the contest calendar. WELL DONE. -- G6M

20m and 15m in good shape. 40 and 80m going well Saturday evening. Very enjoyable contest. -- GI4SJQ

Cracking contest even on its first run - going to be a fixture ! Some PC issues but a very enjoyable time and a good chance to air the temporary GK prefix ! -- GK4AMT

Great contest! Trying to get to grips with Flexradio 6300/ N1MM+ / SSDR / Soft winkey emulator. Too many unknowns so please forgive the mistakes ;-) -- GM0ELP

First time using DXLog. Not too much DX. UK EI stations getting the district mults make too much focus on inter UK EI QSOs. Suggest UK EI only get DXCC entities as mults. DX gets DXCC + UKEI districts. UBN will be poor I suspect:-( -- GM0NAI

Just playing. QRP with a bust antenna on 40 and 80. The event seemed to be well supported, keep up the good work. -- GM3WUX

Only 3 bands and only 1/4 wave on 15m. Good activity. -- GM3X

Not a lot of time to get on this time and SD didnt want to read my operational band ! But fun anyway -- GM3ZDH

Enjoyed this contest, would like to see single band sections for people like me with limited antennas. -- GM4OSS

After some trouble with stations expectin 5NN I changed my report by adding 5NN. The contest seems to have bee will received and I enjoyed it apart from some comlputer problems around 1500Z. Used SD logging -- GM4SID

Been looking forward to this for many years. Thanks to organisers - excellent contest. Get it in the diary for the same weekend next year please. N1MM mislogged some S&P serials owing to bug. Very annoying ! Good to see some new UK callsigns in a contest. Great support by the DX stations without whom it wouldn't work. Thanks to them. -- GM4X

part-time Saturday afternoon only. contest audio will be at -- GW4BLE

First attempt using Skookum Logger, just to see how it works.made quite a few mistakes, but happy I've learnt from them.. Seems to be plenty of activity/interest on 40m. Hope to have a more serious attempt next time - thanks. -- GW4OKT

Part time effort of just under 12 hours, with low power (80w)and wire antennas. The early hours were slow. -- GW9J

Starting the contest on the edge of a geomagnetic storm I suprisedly experienced that many staions could be operated even from UK/EI. It was a real fun to take part. Many thanks for Q's see you next time! Rig TS-530SP 100W ant 21 mtrs long end-fed wire above roof the same for all bands. -- HA2MN

I thank the nice contest! -- HA3HX

It seems to be a good activation! -- HA5BA

ICOM756pro 100w 3el yagi GP-s -- HA6NL

Nice constest but not much time. Just for fun. Tnx for qso. Ciao -- I2IFT


FT 817 5W G5RVjr -- IV3DRP

Many thanks for this brand new contest! Max -- IW3ILM

good test for my G5RV antenna. band 10 meters closed. nice contest very well rule antenna one element and 12 hours trasmission. 73! -- IZ5FDE


SkookumLogger Elecraft K3 ACOM 2000A 2X Array 12-element tribander inverted-L (160m) 80m OWL-fed dipole with switched L-network matchers (80m - 10m) 40m OWL-fed dipole NE-SW with switched L-network matchers (40m - 10m) 40m OWL-fed dipole SE-NW with switched L-network matchers (40m - 10m) Fan dipole NE-SW (20m 15m 10m) W1FV 9-element receive array -- K1GQ

Sorry no connection between PC and radio -- K3ZO

Didn't have much time but hope to do much more next year. Thanks to the organizersand those who listened for my small signal! 73 & please enjoy my music video "I Want a Big Tower" at equipment: - Tentec Orion in diversity rx mode, - MFJ Grandmaster memory keyer w. Bencher BY-1 paddle, - N1MM+ running on an ancient XP laptop antennas: - 20/40/80m triple dipole, feed point at about 45 feet(9m), - 10/15/20m vertical trap dipole, feed point at about 60 feet (18m) - 500 foot (153m) crescent-shaped loop from 15 feet (4.5m) to 75 feet (23m) up in the trees -- KT8K

RIG: Yaesu FT-897D PWR: 100 W ANT: G5RV -- LA4CQ

Nice contest lost much time for K5P VP8SSI.I will work again next year more serious this contest. -- LY5W

stupid rule to submit the log 2 hours after the end of are not important for me... -- LZ1DNY

[email protected] -- LZ3YV

Great fun. N1MM+, Winkeyer, FT-450D, 16m doublet at 12m spiderbeam mas, LDG remote tuner. approx 6hrs op time. -- M0HDF

Miserable conditions -- M0MPM

Good support for the first run of this contest. 9.5 hours operating and my first go a real SO2R having got all the engineering done by 10am on Saturday morning. It worked well but I have a way to go before being very good at it. Looking forwrad to the next one! -- M0PCB

Sadly other committments prevented longer operation. Good contest. -- M0RYB

Had the same annoying issue with N1MM as others, where QSO number was overwritten with previous QSO number from same UK/EI station when using ESM. Hopefully noticed them all in time and corrected. -- M0SAR

1st CW contest! -- M0UKR

tnx for the Q's -- M0VKY

Just playing this time around with a modest 12 hour effort. I like the format and rules of the contest. -- M2X

Murphy brought his army and all his cousins. Had to do 12 hour entry as all the rest of the time was fixing antennas and RFI... -- M6O


Enjoyed contest Logged using SD -- MM0JOM

Really struggled with noise and low signals. Used but not nearly as good as Wintest in use. Wish WT developers would get busy again. May have to try N1MM+ but hear it had issues for lots of people too :-( -- MM2N

Due to conflicts, could not come back to try 40m later in the day. -- N7WY

2-hours for online is a nightmare. Times to time to get internet is not possible here in countryside! -- OH3KQ

Windom antenna - one wire -- OH3WW

Elecraft K2-5Want LW 42m -- OK1FKD

TS 820 ant - LW -- OK2BRQ

Nice to meet old friends... -- OK2FD

Rig: TRX Flex 5000A, Antenna 3 element Ultrabeam 20 - 6 m. -- OK5MM

After serious issues with N1MM logger (old ver. doesn't support this contest) I installed N1MM+Logger which worked UFB so I participated last hour atleast... Short 5.3m monoband vertical used only. The 6hrs category offered in N1MM+ logger but web uploader offered just 12hrs. G2ASM didn't exchanged district. 73 - Petr -- OK/M0SIS/P

tcvr ICOM 735 out 90 WATTS ant Random-wire+LC-matchbox nice contest- TNX - -- OM3BA

IC 746 sloper 41m -- OM4J

It was a nice contest with good activity. The bands were good except 15 m and 10 m. But I enjoyed the contest and could work ZL on 15 m The resting period is too long for me. 30 min is enough I worked 9 h 46 min. Till next year. 73 Leon ON5WL -- ON5WL

nice CW test -- ON7CC

QRP = Trx TS130V, multiband dipole 40/80m -- OP4A

Rig: Elecraft K3 - 100 Watt Ant: 20 mtr wire as Inverted-L up 12 mtr -- OU2I

Rig: K3/P3 100W; Ant: 80M vert Loop & HexBeam -- OZ3SM

RIG: Kenwood TS590s (100W) ANT: G5RV + 15m dipole -- OZ4CG

Good luck with the new contest -- OZ8A

Nice contest, fb exercise for PACC contest next month! See you all than. -- PA0CMU

nice contest and deadline 2 hour after thats state of the art 73 -- PA0O

The contest robot made a mistake! I am a single operator and NOT a multi operator. -- PA0QX

Nice contest ! Next year again. 73, PA9CW -- PA9CW

Just a few hours for fun. And to say hello to friends. Rig FT897_40W-dipole. -- PG2AA

It is difficult for many participants to decipher my long callsign. -- PH6SKCC

The deadline is 2 hours after the end of the contest? And if the operator is on a remote island without internet? All your QSO will be lost? -- PT9DX

Tks FB test. I see You next year. -- PY7OJ

Elecraft K2+Wire Antennas Flex-1500+Wire Antennas -- R2LAC

E-MAIL: [email protected] -- R3LC

GL & 73! -- R3RU

TX FT-450D 100 w ANT Windom and GP -- R3VL

IV FT-2000 -- R4WT

TS-590S - 100 watts 15 20 - 2 el yagi 40 - delta loop -- R6CW

Elecraft K2 Ant DELTA -- R7FO



Many tnx! -- R8WO


73! -- RA1TV

TNX! 73 de Alex -- RA3RLJ

TNX!73! -- RA6AN

Tks! 73! -- RG3B

73! -- RJ3F

TNX 73! -- RL2D

73! -- RM1T

73! -- RM4R

GL 73! -- RM6AA

TNX 73! -- RN9RF

I do apologize badly since the N1MM+ log happened to be very raw and a great number of serial numbers from the british stations happened to be wrong after the first contact. I noticed that very late and gave up operating. Unfortunately nothing can be improved. -- RU5TT


Icom 7800 pwr 5W Ant: ECO vertical LW -- RW3AI

Few sloppy ops and then you require log in 2 hours on Sunday lunch time! Make it at least two days. N1MM+ data entry format is wrong! Once upon a Turing time England knew programming... -- S56A

FT-897D (100W), ANT: LW 38m (6m up) -- S57EA

Remote via K3 mini > K3 -- SA4A

IC-765 FB53-5 EL BEAM W3DZZ+ -- SE5L


Was not able to participate fully in the contest because my wife was ill but on the other hand watched in Swedish television The Last Night of the Proms 2015 from Royal Albert Hall in London. We heard all the good old songs among them the trio "Land of Hope and Glory" in "Pomp an Circumstance March no. 1" by Sir Edward Edgar. 73 de SM5SIC Göran -- SM5S


TRX: TS-940S 100WTTS; ANT.: LW -- SP1AEN

100W Ant LW 19m -- SP2WGB

Nice contestnot too fastmany G stations. SD logger very comfortable. -- SP6BXM

TRX: IC738 80W ANT: DIPOLE 2X197M & CP6 -- SP9EMI

Thanks to ALL! Rig: FT817 ND + dipole 40 mtrs 73`s! Jan SP9R also SP9BRP Happy New Year ` 2016 -- SP9R

rig-IC746 ; pwr-100Wtts ; ant-GP -- SQ9FMU

Rookie in contests hope to have a good result! -- SY1BFI

34930 -- TA1CH

This is my first UK/EI contest. -- TA3D

73 Peace at Home, Peace in the World -- TA5FA

Home made 5 watts Delta. -- UA1CEG/P

[email protected] -- UA1F

TNX 73 -- UA6CC

73! -- UR4IZ

TKS for Contest -- UR5EFL

Antenna Long wire 40m up 4m with tunner Rig HomeMade Pwr 20 Watt(s). -- UR5FCM

FT-107m 80 w Delta 80m Streight key -- UX1CW

gl -- UX1IB

Tried but poor conditions here. 10 = dead, 15= all but dead, 20 = very slow here and same for 40. Maybe next year will be better Bob/VE1RSM -- VE1RSM

Used "SD" by EI5DI it worked very FB -- VK4TT

Enjoyed the contest although condx not the best. A clash with BARTAG RTTY Contest meant not as much time spent in this contest than I would have wished. -- VK7BO

Condx not so good...QRN and QSB. Was fun though and look forward to next one. 73 Joe VO1BQ -- VO1BQ

Part time operation. Hope to have better time next year -- VU2MUD


sorry little result QSO. propagation ugly, all day rain. congratulations hopefully next year the results more. congratulations for the implementation of this contest, best 73 -- YC1DPM

TNX for Contest QSO's 73 ! GL -- YL2PP

73 de YO3GNF, op. JACK. -- YO3GNF

Could only work the last 2 hours of the test. tnx for QSOs. -- YO4NF



Sorry, but N1MM+ have a bug. Exchange not saved for new value for UK and EI satation on second qso. 73 -- YO6CFB

Really though going from here in Northern ZL, only heard one G on 20. Single band entry low power 20mtrs -- ZL1BBW