UK/EI DX Contests - AWARDS        

If you would like to sponsor an Individual Plaque for the 2018/2019 UK/EI DX Contests - in any of the different Categories
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28th March 2018  - Sorry this webpage is out-of-date.

Awards info will be here a.s.a.p.
UK/EI DX Contest - CW    31st March/1st April 2018
    Category  Award Sponsored by 2017/18 Winner
(Highest adjudicated points score)
1.   UK/EI - Single-op Unassisted, 
           High Power (12hr or 24hr)
The 'Kenwood Cup'           
Kenwood Electronics UK

  2.   UK/EI - Single-op Unassisted,
            Low Power (12hr or 24hr)
  3.   UK/EI - Single-op Unassisted,
                    QRP (12hr or 24hr)
  4.   UK/EI - Single-op Assisted
   (any power level, 12hr or 24hr) 
  5.   Europe - Highest Score      
  6.    DX - Highest Score      
  7.    Eu/DX - QRP         
  7.    UK/EI - Multi-op      
   8.    EI - Single-op, Unassisted,
               Low Power, 12hr
  9.     Winners UK/EI and DX of
              other categories 
Certificates  (PDF)   UKEICC Team  
  10.    Rookie prize (licensed on
                          or after Dec.2014)
   Mini Plaque  UKEICC Team