QTH is the village of Keig, located 20 miles west of the city of Aberdeen. It is a small collection of around 18 houses on the Castle Forbes Estate and is situated in the Don Valley. The local area is mainly woodland with some arable farmland. The village has one school at which two of my three children attend. The nearest amenities (shops etc) are 4 miles away to the south in the village of Alford, where my eldest son also attends the Academy.

I was liscensed first in May 1994 with 'B' call GM7VMW - in November 1994 I sat and passed 12wpm morse test and allocated 'A' call of GM0WPQ. I enjoy all forms of outdoor activities - especially hillwalking and climbing. I also enjoy reading, music (diverse taste) and walking my collie 'Ben'. I have three children - Gordon, Sara and Keiran.