Shrunken Quad




Small is a relative term when you talk about quads. They have a small turning circle, but are very tall making them a bit of a 'eyesore'. The mini quad I built was based on the 9H1GL design and was published in Practical Wireless in their April 2005 edition. Practical Wireless have kindly allowed me to reproduce the article and you can down load it by clicking below ,






The antenna is a full sized quad on 10m and 15m, but is linear loaded via a trap for 20m. I didn't use 9H1GL's trap design and instead went for a  coaxial trap similar  to those described by Tony VE6YP

The antenna gave excellent performance for over a year when it was replaced by the a Cushcraft MA5B as storm from high winds was an issue with the spreaders.  

Neither the XYL or the neighbours complained, but the mini quad was most definitely not a thing of beauty, but was rather effective when you could keep it together.

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