QRZ! This is GM0ONX

My name is Leonard Paget, Len to everyone who knows me. I am a Scotsman from Kilmarnock in Ayrshire, South West Scotland. I am married to May MM6PGT and we have four grown up 'children', Alan, Susan, Stephen and Lyndsey. The family line up is currently completed with daughter in law Katie and grandson Lewis.


I was first licensed in 1982 as GM6JIC and after pressure from my fellow amateurs finally got round to sitting the Morse test 1991 and became GM0ONX. In 2009 I resurrected GM6JIC and you can now hear me with either call.


I am currently a RSGB Board Member, past Company Secretary, past RSGB Region 1 Manager  (The Premier Region) and past Chairman of the RSGB’s Planning Advisory Committee. I am still a Scottish Planning Panel member for the RSGB and provide planning advise to RSGB Members requiring it in Scotland. 


I am also Club Secretary and Exam Secretary for the Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club (www.klarc.org) and member of Ayr ARG www.gm0ayr.org our sister club.


My main radio interests are homebrew construction, HF operating and I am a past author for Practical Wireless magazine.


Other interests include DIY, computers (not games) and looking my flock of pet ducks. As part of the deal I did with May MM6PGT my XYL for her taking her foundation licence, I will be adding hill walking to this list, with a radio of course.

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