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For a number years I was chairman of the RSGB Planning Advisory Committee, I'm still on the planning panel and assist with Scottish Enquiries. In March 2007 I wrote an article on planning permission for radio amateurs in Practical Wireless


Practical Wireless has kindly permitted me to reproduce the article and it can be downloaded by clicking here.



If you are a member of the Radio Society of Great Britain you can seek the advise of the Planning Advisory Committee's Planning Panel.


Members of the Planning Panel are radio amateurs with knowledge, often professional, of the planning process as it applies to amateur radio installations and can advise on the preparation of planning applications, enforcement issues and appeals. Members can download a guide to the planning process at:-


All requests for planning assistance must be made via RSGB HQ and not directly to panel members.

If you're not a member of the RSGB, why not!  £51 (£47 by direct debit) is a lot of money if you don't have it, but otherwise it's the bargain of the hobby  and you can pay monthly, quarterly and biannually by direct debit at no extra cost.

Whilst far from perfect the RSGB, over the years has done a lot for ALL radio amateurs over the years and needs your support to continue. If you don't like how the Society is run then get involved and try to change it but remember you can't please all of the people all of the time and it is only a  hobby!!!!!



Information for tenants


As well as requiring planning permission, tenants will generally require the permission of their landlord to erect antennas on their property. Many Local Authority tenants think having been granted planning permission by the Council's Planning Department  it also includes landlordís permission from its Housing Department. Generally this is not so and you must also obtain separate Landlords permission.

Unfortunately permission is sometimes withheld. The RSGB Planning Advisory Panel is unable to assist members with tenancy disputes, however general information on how to complain about tenancy matters can be found at the How to complain website by clicking at:-   www.howtocomplain.comp


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