Interfacing using the Yaesu FT1000MP DVS2 Port

The Yaesu FT1000MP has an abundance of interface ports for data modes with separate ports for Packet,  RTTY and a phone patch. The problem with the Packet and RTTY ports is that the sideband is set by the mode and there is no simple way of changing sideband making them less than ideal for SSTV or PSK31.

The DVS-2 port was originally designed to be used with Yaesu's voice keyer interface but can be used as a data modes port, but unlike the Packet and RTTY ports you can set the sideband and other parameters independently to suit your needs.

The only disadvantage is that the PTT circuit is slightly more complicated in that you have to set the control pins CNTL 1 and CNTL 2 on the DVS-2 port 'high' (+5V) on transmit for it to work (figure 1).

This port does however have the advantage that it kills the normal mic input when goes into transmit but leaves the mic fully operational at other times. 




As well as data modes  you can also use this port with Ray Andrews K9DURs Voice Keyer program or N1MM's contest logger's voice keyer function and most proprietary data modes interfaces. 

You can download both programs free either from:- and  .

In the March 2012 edition of Practical Wireless they publish my article for my USB Radio interface. Unfortunately there was a small error in the PCB design and some of the photos were too small to read but have have been reproduced on this website for your assistance. 




















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