Using the Heil Proset iC headset on a Yaesu


The Heil Proset has become has become a modern classic but has the major disadvantage in my opinion of being a tad overpriced, well at least for a Scotsman.

Even secondhand these headsets command 'top dollar' and I was simply not prepared to pay the asking price for these on eBay.

I recently spotted a Heil Proset adverted locally at a very reasonable price the only problem it was the iC version intended by Heil to be use on a Icom Transceiver.

This uses "the Heil Sound "iC" condenser element specially designed by Heil Sound for compatibility with the low gain found on many Icom transceivers' mic amp stages". Taking away the hype its a condenser mic electrically similar to but much better quality than that used used on computer headsets. I had successfully used condenser mics with the FT1000MP for many years and knew that the iC Proset could easily be modified to work on the Yaesu.

Heil don't make and adapter to use this model and some dealer will tell you that it is not possible to use this type of mic on a non Icom rig. This is complete rubbish and the modifications consist of a 4K7 ohm resistor to provide 5V+ to the mic element and a 470nF capacitor to isolate this voltage from the rigs audio stages. The modifications can be built into the 8 pin mic plug.

Frequency response from the PS iC is quoted as almost identical to the new HC-6 element and audio reports received are very complementary.

As with all Heil Headsets it is worth setting up the menu in the FT-1000MP and the suggested settings are listed below.


Suggested set up values for the FT1000MP

menu 4-4 off

menu 7-7 ssb r 100-3100. ssb tx 100-3100
menu 8-9 lsb r -0.200  tx lsb -0.200
proc lsb 0.000
usb r -0.200
usb tx -0.200
proc usb 0.000

Mic gain- 4

Processor - 4



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