GB7AY is a digital voice repeater located near Waterside north of Kilmarnock operating on 439.450 MHz TX/430.450 MHz RX. It is primarily a DMR (Digital Mobile Radio, not Dixies Midnight Runners), but also supports D-Star and C4FM Fusion.


It is part of the DV Scotland family of repeaters. DV Scotland repeaters are all privately funded by their owners and donations of equipment etc.






The Repeater




TX/RX - 2 off Motorola GM350 - donated by GM1MMK

Logic – Pi-Star Raspberry Pi with MMDVM Modem - donated by GM0ONX

Duplexer – 6 cavity - donated by  GM1MMK/GM0ONX

Aerial – 6db Colinear - Bloomice - donated by GM3HNN/GM6BAO

Coax –RG213 donated by GM3NIG’s estate.

Enclosure – Acculab PC - donated by GM4SQM

PSU – Homebrew - donated by GM0ONX

Site – Waterside - provided by GM5TIM






Further information on DMR/D-Star/Fusion



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