Welcome to the website for Amateur (HAM) Radio Station GM0HUU.
I am located in Paisley, near the City of Glasgow.

QTH: 55.84N 04.44W 
CQ Zone: 14

ITU Zone:27
DXCC Code: 279
IOTA: EU-005

Full (Class A) UK license GM0HUU since 1987.

Active on HF & VHF and operate digital modes (JT, Olivia, RTTY, PSK, SIM, ROS, Hell, DOM, CTSTI, THOR, THROB, WSPR etc.) plus CW, SSB & SSTV.

HF transceiver is a FLEX-1500 SDR. Antenna is 20m inverted delta loop for 20m.
Antenna for other HF bands is half-G5RV.
Both antennas are approximately 7m above ground level and beamimg North/South.

For further information (QSL details etc.), please look me up on www.qrz.com/lookup/gm0huu

Below is the last x12 SSTV images received by GM0HUU using MMSSTV software v1.13A (C).
Normally, my transceiver is left listening on 20m SSTV channel 14.230-14.233MHz USB.

    -  date & time stamp is on lower left corner of image
    -  latest image is at top (#12)
    -  click on image to open larger version in new window
    -  sometimes, when opertating SSTV, I add my transmitted images to the images below.

sstv image 1 12

sstv image 2 11

sstv image 3 10

sstv image 4 09

sstv image 5 08

sstv image 6 07

sstv image 7 06

sstv image 8 05

sstv image 9 04

sstv image 10 03

sstv image 11 02

sstv image 12 01