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Two halves of the same coin - me @ work and me NOT @ work!!

This is me at  work.  I've been a software engineer for British Telecommunnications PLC since graduating from Queen's University of Belfast in 1994.  Our offices are located in the prestigious surroundings of Lanyon Place beside the Hilton Hotel and the Waterfron Concert Hall.  According to the official blurb for the place our offices are the largest air conditioned building in Ireland.

In my job I am involved in all aspects of the software lifeclyle mainly  in areas which involve Oracle databases.  I have coded in C, Pro*C, PLSQL in various projects but I am now involved in the Basis aspects of SAP's R/3 product for enterprise resource planning (ERP),

The software scene in Belfast has been taking off of late with several large firms either setting up or expanding their operations.  These include:-

A useful site for anyone either wanting to change job or to move over here to work is a new jobs site from the  Software Industry Federation there's lots of juicy info in there about jobbs in the province.

Work related I vist on a regular basis:-


When not at work I have what people have described to me as strange and varied interests.  Beofre I go on I guess I should describe the place I come from.  Donaghadee is a small seaside town on the East coast of North Down, Norrthern Ireland.  It has a few churches, many more pubs, a harbour with a lighhouse, a marina and, well, not really much else.

I have always been interested in the sea and living within sight of several lighthouses I developed an interest in them too.  Many people find this very strange but to these people I say - stand at the bottom of a sweeper light on a clear still night and look up.

I have always had an interest in electronics which led to me becomming a radio amateur - I hold the callsign GI0SSA.   I have made friends all over the world throughthe hobby and even been able to meet a few of them when visiting other countries.  I have also operated from several islands including all three Copeland Islands, Rathlin Island and Gigha.  I have also travelled to radio events in Scotland, Friedrichaven, Gernamy and Dayton, Ohio.  I'm interested in most aspects of Ham Radio and I'm usually not too far from a radio.

The interest in operating radio from remote locations led to the purchase of my first car - a 1975 ex-army Landrover.  This roughly co-incided with getting into car registrations.

Some pages on my other interests:-

 Finally my email address is  [email protected]