The original wooden mast was 200 foot high circa 1929

GB4MPC ~ Special Event Station to celebrate the birthday of Guglielmo Marconi, born 25th April 1874.

Cullercoats Radio was built in 1906 under license from Marconi. In 1915 it was taken over by Marconi Wireless. Originally a spark-gap transmitter was used to feed an antenna mounted on a 200 foot wooden mast. The transmitter was eventually replaced in 1929 with a valve type similar to designs used today.

More recently the site at Marconi Point, Cullercoats has been a Maritime Radio Station operated by British Telecom (BT) using the callsign GCC. The site was the receiving station, while the transmitting aerials were a short distance up the coast at Hartley.

Sadly BT have now closed the Marconi Point Maritime Radio Station. The commercial mast was demolished during the year 2000 and the site sold and is awaiting redevelopment .

Tynemouth Radio Club GX0NWM have operated numerous special event stations from the location at Marconi Point, Cullercoats, over recent years such as the;

International Marconi Day  GB4MPC

International Maritime Coast Station Event

International Tall Ships Race

The message reads The station which stands at “Browne’s Point” was erected in 1912 and was one of the first stations to be in communication with
the continent.
Extract from Tynemouth 1849-1949
by J.W.Moore N/Shields

Many thanks to all the operators from the Tynemouth Amateur Radio Club GX0NWM
for operating the station GB4MPC and long may it continue.

QSL Card to

 G2ARY from G2PN
confirmation of QSO on
7.016 MHz
17 February 1936

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