GB3TB 23cms Repeater at IO8ØFL

Welcome to our Group Website which, as of 26th August 2006 is undergoing a complete rebuild. Please check back regularly over the next month.

 Brief Details

Formed in June 2000,the Group successfully applied for an N.O.V. and the Repeater was commissioned in Beacon mode on the 27th July 2001. 6 weeks later, on the 7th September, it went into full Repeater mode.

All equipment has been constructed by members of the newly formed group, many of whom are either experienced ATV'ers or enthusiastic newcomers to the hobby.

Since the establishment of GB3TB and the Group, 22 members have joined and support has been received from Torbay Amateur Radio Society to whom we are affiliated and share members.

It is only with the past two weeks that we have proposed to incorporate other Microwave bands with the Group as activity on 2.4ghz and 10ghz is increasing and becoming popular.

We are established in the beautiful county of Devon and coverage of the Repeater on the coast line at Torquay, extends across Torbay and Lyme Bay to allow access and use as far as Portland Bill in Dorset.

We have recently collaborated with two other ATV Repeater Groups in the historical County of Cornwall ,(GB3WV at Liskeard, and GB3NQ at St Austell) with exchanges of News & Information.

This, and other changes within the Group, have prompted the re-vamping and upgrade of this Website .

It is apparent from recent changes in the whole Amateur Radio scene that a sensible way forward for the hobby is for Groups to communicate and collaborate, especially in the field of technical know-how. We in the Torbay Group intend that this should be our way forward and therefore welcome input from others.

It is planned that the new website will incorporate a facility for this.


For further details contact the Repeater Keeper: Ken Harper GØEKH

gØekh at hotmail(dot)com