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IRLP Node 5426 - Lewis Island, Scotland

IRLP Node 5426 (GM0LZE) is now connected to the GB3IG repeater system on the Isle of Lewis. You can access the repeater & node using a 88.5Hz CTCSS tone on 145.775Mhz. Just dial the 4 digit ID you wish to connect on IRLP using your DTMF keypad. The node will tell you if you are successful or not.
To disconnect from any node dial '73' or '0' on your DTMF keypad.
It is recommended you connect to the IRLP Echo Reflector '9990' using #9 before you connect to any live nodes to ensure your audio sounds OK.

Internet Radio Linking Project

Internet Radio Linking Project.
  Callsign: GM0LZE
  Node ID: 5426
  Frequency: 145.175/145.775Mhz
  Mode: Narrowband FM (NBFM)
  TX/RX: Yaesu FT-8800E
  Power: 7dBW
  CW Ident: (GM0LZE) Every 15 minutes
  Antenna: Vertical fibreglass
  Site: GM0LZE QTHR.
  Node Owner: GM0LZE
  PC: Dell GX110 Pentium III 600Mhz, 128MB RAM, 10GB HDD
  DTMF Access Codes: #1 - Current Node Status
#2 - Random IRLP node
#3 - Random IRLP Reflector
#4 - ZL3TMB, Christchurch New Zealand (Node 6900)
#5 - VK4RMK, Mackay, Australia (Node 6450)
#6 - VK2BRF, Sydney, Australia (Node 6933)
#7 - ZS0JPL, Pretoria, South Africa (Node 8719)
#8 - ZL1BQ, Auckland, New Zealand (Node 6950)
#9 - Echo Reflector (Node 9990)
0 - Disconnect from node or reflector
73 - Disconnect from node or reflector
  Comments: To connect to a node simply dial the IRLP 4 digit ID using DTMF.
  IRLP Node Status: Click for Node Status

Node location is on the outskirts of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis and has good coverage into Stornoway, surrounding districts and across to the Scottish mainland and the North end of Skye.

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