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Run and maintained by the Stornoway Repeater Group, GB3IG is an Amateur Radio repeater system located on the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland.

The main purpose of the repeater is to provide radio coverage for resident & visiting Radio Amateurs as well as providing a backup system for the emergency services.

GB3IG Site

Repeater site at Eitseal - Isle of Lewis

Solar X-Rays:Status
Geomag Field:Status
VHF Aurora:Status
2m E-Skip (EU):Status

  Callsign: GB3IG
  Site: Eitseal (223m ASL)
  Frequency: Output:  145.775Mhz
Input:     145.175Mhz
  Channel: R7 / RV62
  Power: 13.98 dBW approx
  Mode: F3E (NFM)
  CTCSS: 88.5Hz ('E')
  Logic: GD4HOZ with 15 minute beacon and IRLP mod
  Antenna: Dipole (22m above ground)
  Access: CTCSS or Toneburst (for 0.2 secs)
  Timeout: 4 Mins
  Locator: IO68QE
  Repeater Keeper: GM0LZE
  Best DX: Norway (LA)
  Comments: Please follow correct repeater procedure.
  Repeater Status: On Air
GB3IG - HOZ Logic

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