Combe Hill near Newbury


 Input: 2340MHz  - Output: 2420 MHz

GB3FT is the proposed 13cms ATV repeater to be located at Combe Hill near Newbury.

As the pictures below show, this is a superb site at 950 feet ASL and even though we have been forced to use 13cms instead of 23cms due to problems with Heathrow approach radar, we are confident that we will cover a lot of South Central England.

It is intended that GB3FT will be an advanced TV repeater.  Some of the ideas we are hoping to implement include: 

Multiple band inputs

GB3FT will have inputs on 23cms, 13cms and 3cms with the ability to display simultaneous pictures via a video matrix.


Due to fantastic site, GB3FT should be able to see GB3HV, GB3AT, GB3PT and the proposed Bournemouth 23cms repeater and it is intended that it will become a major hub in thelinking of these repeaters.  

Digital outputs

It is intended to implement both OFDM and QPSK digital outputs on GB3FT.  The normal repeater mode will be FM with the digital modes selectable via over air DTMF commands.


Latest News - Jan 2004

We are STILL awaiting frequency clearance by the primary user of the 13cms band but hopeful that the project will go ahead one day!

Latest News - Jan 2003

We are currently awaiting frequency clearance by the primary user of the 13cms band.  Keep watching for the latest news - you'll know as soon as we do.

We have signed a contract with the site owner and have paid the first years rent, so all we need is a license!

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The pictures show the site and tower with the potential aerial for GB3FT at 50 feet drawn in by G8GTZ! The map shows the potential coverage with directional aerials at 30 and 120 degrees which will be used initially.  


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