by G3ZHI

First press '0' to see if the node is in use and connected

If it is and no one is in qso (just ask) if no reply then press '73' to end the call

If calling an echolink node first dial # then the number

If calling IRLP just dial the 4 digit number

Always close the link once you have finished by sending '73'

View the IRLP and ECHOLINK node pages to get the numbers you wish to call

Be mindful of  the time in those countries

Some numbers are busier than others

9503 is a reflector in Australia

#973498 is the Hubnet UK where many UK stations listen

9050 is the busy IRLP USA East Coast reflector

Remember there is a 3min time out on the repeater

Dont forget to leave gaps otherwise you will time out the repeater it will then have to reset

The operates between daily between 6am to Midnight