Welcome to GB3BP!

GB3BP is a system Fusion repeater in central Derbyshire, IO93GA, with Input 438.4875 MHz and Output 430.8875 Mhz. The repeater is operating in digital only and currently:


The repeaater is now connected to Wires-X and in the CQ-UK room by default.

This project is managed by Mark, G0MGX and Vince, G0ORC.

The repeater is possible thanks to the kind loan of the Yaesu DR-1EX by LAM Communications

LAM Communications GB3BP Donation

ConFused by ConFusion? So are we, it's what we call "Local Conditions"

You will find details on how we have configured the repeater into Wires-X mode here.

GB3BP Duplexer

Here's the basic repeater config (Bonkers isn't it?):

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