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Giles Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

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Dues Credit Policy

How dues are determined.

Regular memberships:

The dues for regular memberships are $15.00 per year. New members may pay for the month in which they join and each month remaining, through June, which is the last month in our membership year. Two examples: If you join in February, you pay $1.25 for each month remaining, including February (5 times $1.25 equals $6.25). Or if you join in October, it would be October plus the eight remaining months (9 times $1.25 equals $11.25). If you are a member who is renewing, you will be dropped from the rolls beginning in November if you fail to pay dues. The prorated dues schedule does not apply to renewing members, but after October you would be considered a new member and may prorate. We would hope that none of you would fall into this category of being dropped.

Family memberships:

The dues for family memberships are $5.00 per year. Prorating of these dues is on a semiannual basis. If you join before December 31, you pay $5.00 per year. If you join between December 31 and June 30, you pay $2.50.

All memberships expire on June 30 unless you have paid for additional years. Any memberships which are overpaid will have the overage credited to the general fund, and will still expire on June 30.

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