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Amateur Radio News Reports/Services 
 Amateur Radio Newsline (Formerly Westlink Report)
 Ham Radio Online
 R.A.I.N. Report
DXing and Contesting Web Sites
 beacons - Worldwide HF network
 beacons - 10m
 beacons - 6m
 beacons - VHF/UHF
 CQ Magazine
 CQ Worldwide
 dxpedition links -- NG3K
 dxpedition links -- W7WK
 DX Monitor
 dx spots -
 dx spots - dxmon - DX monitor
 dx spots - DX Summit menu
 dx spots - EHAM.NET
 dx spots - QRZ.COM
 dx spots - W7PKT
 Earth and Moon Viewer, including Grayline Calculator/Map
 Islands On The Air (IOTA) - RSGB
 Islands On The Air (IOTA) - Chiltern DX Club
 Near Real-time MUF World Map
 One Hundred Most Needed Countries -- DX Magazine
 Realtime Ionospheric Map
 Reserved One-by-One Callsign Database - Azimuthal projection map
Radio Modifications
Mods -- use at your own risk 
More mods -- use at your own risk
Yet another site of radio mods
Alinco radio mods
Icom radio mods
Kenwood radio mods
Yaesu radio mods
ICOM Information
Icom product troubleshooting service FAQ
Replacement NVRAM Board for the ICOM IC-751, etc family
Replacement NVRAM board for ICOM IC-271, 471, 745, 751, 1271, R71, etc.
R-71A RAM module Information
Icom IC-R10 Information
Icom IC-260 2m multi-mode and IC-2100H Information
Icom IC-706 Modifications
Icom IC-Q7A Review and Comments
Hamnet Forum on Compuserve
Icom 706 Discussion Group
E-mail ICOM Technical Support
 Astron Corp - Power Supplies
 Heil Sound - Microphones, Headphones, Foot Switches
 Maha Communications - Batteries
 MFJ Enterprises
 Pryme - Headsets
AMSAT - The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
Phase 3D Satellite Info
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
ARISS Phase 1 Schedule
Official site for STSPLUS, JPLCLOCK and other programs
J-Track Satellite Tracker
J-Pass Satellite Pass Calculator
Keplerian Elements
NASA SkyWatch
Space Shuttle Mission Video and Audio
Amateur Antennas
 Arrow Antenna
 Comet Antenna
 Diamond Antennas
 Directive Systems
 Force 12 Antennas
 GAP Antenna
 Hustler Antenna
 Larsen Antenna
 M2 Inc
 Mosley Electronics
 Outbacker Antenna
 Shakespeare Company
The RF World above 1,000 MHz
 Directive Systems (Antennas)
 Down East Microwave
 M2 Inc
 SSB Electronic USA
 Nor-cal QRP Club
 Norcal 49er
 Red Hot Radio
 Sierra Wilderness
 Small Wonder Labs
 QRP Calling Freqs (AC6V)
 HFpack... The HF Portable Group. (QRP and otherwise)

Parts and Supplies
Cable - Cables and Connectors
Pacific Coast Parts

General Information and Trivia
 American Radio Relay League
 FCC Part 97 Regulations
 Dayton Amateur Radio Association
 Gridsquare Converter
 Quarter Century Wireless Association
 RSGB - Radio Society of Great Britian
 RF Safety Calculator
 WWV/WWVH Services
Morse Code
 Morse code in the movies!
  • Enemy of the State
  • Hogan's Heros
  • Independence Day
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home
  • Star Trek IX - Insurrection
  • Star Wars Episode 1:  The Phantom Menace
  • The Streak
  • Thirteen Days
  • Titanic
  • Wag The Dog
  • Where Are The UFOs?
  • Wild, Wild, West
Morse Code Tutors 
Morse Keys
GE Mastr II repeaters
GE Mastr II repeaters
The Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page  By Kevin K. Custer  W3KKC
Icom IC-RP1620 VHF Repeater
Icom IC-RP4520 UHF Repeater
Link Communications
Info on Advanced Computer Controls (ACC)
TX-RX Systems
M2 Antenna Systems Inc - Extreme Weather Antennas
The Condor Connection
Packet Radio
Packet Radio
AMPRNET Hosts File
AMPRNET IP Address Coordinator for Hawaii
Amateur Radio (ATV)
Stanford University Amateur Radio Club
Helena Area ATV repeater
Brookdale ATV Repeater System Home Page
Lloyd Inc, 4-channel ATV Repeater Controller
Hobby Kits
Ramsey Electronics
Intermod Sites
What is Intermod?
DCI Digital Communications, Inc.
Signal Intelligence Star*Scan
Radio Direction Finding
TRANSMITTER HUNTING Radio Direction Finding Simplified
ARRL DF Article Bibliography
Foxhunt Site
APRS, Doppler DF Unit, Flux Compass
RDF Projects
Inexpensive passive RF attenuator
Inexpensive active RF attenuator
RDF Resources for Home Builders
AB5CK Dopplers
Active Attenuator Design
Agrelo DFjr Dopplescant
Arrow Antennas - Portable Beams
Arrow Antennas - Passive Antennuator
DF Systems  More
FAR Circuits More
KB6DOL Dopplers
Ramsey DF-1 DF Unit
RF Products Adcock Antenna
SuperDF (K6BMG) Antenna
Amateur and Commercial Radio History
Field day is named after C. W. Field who in 1858 laid the first successful trans-Atlantic telegraphic cable. (Not!)
The Titanic was not the first vessel to change from the "old" CQDdistress signal to the "new" SOS.  The Azaohoe was.  The first recorded distress call.
Bonus: K5TR and Contest Audio Page - Has Professor Nose, KH6IJ!
Amateur Radio Band Plans
IARU Region 1
IARU Region 2
IARU Region 3
K7ON's site of Amateur Radio Resources (Good stuff!)
Over 3,000 Amateur-related links
Another page of links.
Amateur Radio Links
Brian Short's Page
SV1ENS' radio site
l0pht amateur radio bbs listings
Mariana Islands DX Association