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73 DE G8YOA / 2E0APR
WAB = SS70

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I have been a Ham since 1979. I took and passed the Radio Amateur's Exam in 1980 and gained the UK Class B licence G8YOA. I was never really interested in CW, so have remained as a Class B (>30Mhz) until now. Just recently I have started to learn Morse, and I took and passed the UK Novice (5WPM) test in April this year. This means I can use my Novice call 2E0APR on the UK Novice bands. 
I think there are 3 main types of Ham, 
  • The ones who want to talk.
  • The ones who want to fiddle with radio, electronics, aerials, etc.
  • Both of the above.   
  • I am definitely a fiddler....! 
    Enough of the life story! If you want the personal bits, try here. (Find out about sleepy Devon, a wonderful place to live!

    Pretty Rig!

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