Station details.

Operator name is Adrian

Locator is IO83SR near the town of Blackburn in the North West of England. 
Approx 31 Km North West of Manchester.  It is typically raining, dull, cold and miserable. :)

I am getting back into the hobby now work is behind me! But as I enjoy mechanical, mostly metal engineering as well as radio, you may find many of my home made items have a large metal content to them.

Active on QO-100 or Oscar 100 narrow band segment typically on SSB.

QO-100 SSB.

TX line up is an old Standard C58, 2 metre multimode driving a BU500 up-converter.  2.4GHz block filter and 7 metres RG213 to a dual feed POTY on a 1 metre offset dish
RX line up, same dish to a SDR receiver and SDR console, simple.  Plans are being built for a dedicated RX system with no computer dependence but will be some in the future.


In the process of building a simple DATV system for the Wide Band section of the satellite,  but this is taking me some time.  I initially hope to use a Hackrf One to generate the DATV signal and then various amplifiers to gain enough wideband power to achieve some modest video signal on the satellite.

PA line up underway is per the following diagram, with a couple of home made interdigital filters at 2.4GHz to provide my best effort to stop spurii from being generated out of band.

The PA unit was assembled from boards off Ebay and an aluminium plate machined with pockets to accept the PA devices and circulator's, the aluminium is then bolted to extruded aluminium heat-sinks.  The PA has then been fitted with a fan and cowl to assist with air flow.  Then all put onto a steel plate to keep it as one project, a few IMO timers and relays to provide power when settled.  No monitoring equipment is yet fitted.

For receiving WB DATV I have a MiniTiouner_Express receiver and F6DZP's software to decode the downlink, again I have made a 744MHz Interdigital filter to reduce input noise to the Tuner from the wideband out put of the LNB.  You get the idea about metal work being part of my projects now!


Sometimes active on HF.  If the weather is dry, sunny and warm, probably mobile in the car pictured above.  I strap in a FT-857 and use AM-Pro style whip antennas.
On a rare occasion I may be using using an old FT-902DM from home with a 20m wire dipole.

See you on the bands, will put more on here when time permits and I have more to add!

You can contact via [email protected]