I am Brian Reay, holder of the UK Amateur Radio callsign G8OSN and US Extra callsign W8OSN.  I  live in Kent, with my wife Linda (G6MXR). We have three daughters, who are all licensed. The youngest has  a PhD in Chemistry and is undertaking Post-Doctural Research, her twin is a (Medical) Doctor and is a Registrar in an NHS Hospital, and our eldest  has a Masters in Law, has been called to the Bar as a Barrister, and is working for a major Company.

I was part of the team which developed the UK's progressive  licence examination scheme and the main author of the  International Amateur Radio Examination syllabus, which is the only examination endorsed by the IARU for use by countries lacking an indigenous examination scheme. I also developed and  delivered the original Train the Trainers scheme for the RSGB, to improve the quality and availability of training for the UK licence examinations and initiated the RSGB's current Morse  Proficiency Scheme. I co-founded and moderate RSGBTech, an independent Groups IO Group for the discussion of techical topics related to Amateur Radio. I also moderate the Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO and the independent RSGBForum GroupsIO groups.


Locally, I am a member of  the MARTS, one of the oldest amateur radio clubs in the UK. I am also an Extra Class accredited Volunteer Examiner (VE) for  American (FCC) licence examinations. After 25 years as an Engineer and Program Manager in the defence industry, I qualified as a Teacher of Mathematics and taught in specialist Mathematics school, after which I retired. Now I mostly spend my time playing radio, with computers (mainly Linux),  or traveling with my XYL- mainly  in our Motorhome.

73, Brian G8OSN/W8OSN