Modification of TH215 to 12.5KHz operation. Describes how to  modify a Kenwood TH215 to operate on 12.5KHz spacing. In particular the key piece of information missing from all the other articles I found on the Web !

Wiring scheme for  2011 Swift 686 13 pin electrics
Scheme gives details of connections to Fiat wiring to use a bypass relay (a Ryder TF2218/7H). Includes colours of Fiat wire harness for lighting etc. and towing option. Should help for other Swift Fiat Ducato based vehicles. USE AT OWN RISK.

Photograph of VHF/UHF Wavemeter

A homemade VHF/UHF Wavemeter. Body is made from 28mm copper pipe.  'Plunger'  is 6mm brass rod.  There are two wire coupling loops, connected to the BNC connectors shown. In addition to serving as a Wavemeter, the device can be used as a High Q filter to notch out a frequency for testing etc.  

Image of Wavemeter