You should be able to understand this diagram. I hope so anyway. Cut twin wire a bit overlength to start and strip
the endsfor 1/2" and solder the twin wires together. Find the mid point and cut through one wire and peel back for about 2 inches. Strip these ends for 1/2" and fold over and solder, to give a secure fit into the connector block.
This is done to each of the folded dipoles.Dipoles are them fitted to the fibre poles at the spacings indicated on the diagram with 3" plastic ties, and adjusted as necessary.
I used the inserts from a "choc block" connector and soldered them together in two blocks of 6 (1 spare position) which were soldered onto a terminal strip to make the connector. This was bolted into the plastic box.Try to keep the gaps at the terminal ends of the dipoles as near 3" as possible as this gap effects the tuning. Tuning for each band is done by equally shortening/lenghtening the ends of the dipole by folding them back on themselves and tying with a plastic tie,(this gives an "eye" to tie them together) I used string to set it up and replaced this finally withh TWO plastic ties end to end. These can then be adjusted to tension the dipoles.Wires held in final positons with straps through holes drilled in fibre glass rods (pulling outwards!) Each dipole is wired as follows: Coax centre to one wire of left hand loop twin pair, round loop, across connector box, (NO BREAK!), round right
loop and back to coax outer.
I should note that these measurements may vary as adjustments were made during set-up and final exact measurements were not taken due to inclement weather! Some adjustments may be needed.