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Radio Interests

Where do I start?

TopBand, 80 metre band, 40 meter band, Morse Code, D-STAR, VHF & UHF, Network Radios, Repeaters, to name but a few.  

Network Radios

I am really having fun getting into this aspect of the hobby. Have a look at Duarte Braga CT1EIZ’s pages here to find out a little more. Ringway Manchester's videos on YouTube are also a good source of information about this branch of the hobby.

Top Band

I have always loved this band and first started using it in the early 1990’s. When I moved to my current location, I was able (in 2007) to erect firstly a long wire and then a full length doublet for the band and finally put out a decent signal. I usually go on the 1942 net on Sunday evenings at 2100 local time, where I hang out with another group of drunken lags/friends! :) 

I will try to add more to this page soon...

About me

Hi! I'm Chris, G7DDN.

I am a professional musician by trade. I combine 

composing, recording, performing and teaching.

Please feel free to take a listen to my latest albums of relaxing piano compositions on Amazon, Google, iTunes or Spotify or visit my personal music website here

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